missing moments…

So my children are getting older (while I am NOT!!!) and I often forget to record/document precious moments. It’s kind of a shame but since I am on leave from my job for the next 12 weeks (at least) I’ll do my best to keep my camera charged and ready to capture the comedy (they are hilarious)! So with that being said, the first order of business is getting organized so that we can CREATE & EXPLORE!! We are a really creative family with the exception of my husband–I wonder where they get it from??? lol

So, come on in, take a seat and don’t forget the popcorn (or  and a notepad…you may want to jot something down). But most importantly…HAVE FUN!!!!



I am sooooo thinking about getting one of these. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmaWY7Wk0qA   I think this would simplify my life, aid in my direction and keep me focused & ideas organized. I’m excited!!!

Hello world!…I guess…

To move or not to move??…that is the question!!

So I am one of the most indecisive people I know; however, today I have decided to follow my heart. I am great (or so I am told. I am still having a hard time believing in me at times). A few weeks ago I made a declaration: I AM A TEACHER & AN ARTIST…everything else is a complete waste of time!!

So today as I was waiting for my turn at the dentist, I decided to browse some shops in center city. My first stop was the Apple store. I am convincing myself that I need a MacBook Pro and the prettiest sleeve I’ve ever seen. Maybe…

My next stop… http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/index.html … I must admit, I love being creative and it is my therapy. So with that being said, I bought 3 paper flower pots waiting to be decorated by none other than ME!!! I also purchased a few other things (approved by the mister. He said that they were acceptable to aid in my creativity. Sidenote: Clothing is forbidden unless it serves as some conduit to reveal my creative genius). LOL!! I laugh because he is so right!! He is my biggest fan and it took so long for me to realize this.

So today I made a major move toward greatness and my goal is to keep moving forward. I must remember to take a look at myself daily and take inventory of the positives and make them work!! We all have faults & flaws but that’s not that important when there is so much of me that the world is expecting!!