Shining Through the Darkness

There was a time when I didn’t quite see the gift God gave to me. People tried to convince me that I was great but I wouldn’t believe them…I just couldn’t see what they saw. So one day, I approached a crossroads in my life and I had to make some major decisions and take some small steps in that direction.  God wasn’t expecting me to change in an instant but He allowed me to take one step at a time.

As I began to take those steps HE started revealing to me what I had always been.  You see, I had become somebody that not even I recognized. It was a very dark time in my life…

Since I’ve decided to take the necessary steps to live life in my full potential (or at least consider the option) opportunities to be who I was created to be are overtaking me. I have been conforming to the idea that I could be somebody great…that people appreciate my point of view. I kind of like the idea of speaking without a word escaping my mouth. For the first time in my life I am speaking from my soul…and very loudly.


Houndstooth Elegance

Houndstooth Elegance
                                                                                                                  Houndstooth Elegance by kei2life featuring christian louboutin shoes

In the Garden

She was so excited–and to be honest, so was I! The day before she painted in the park (where are those pics??? hmmmm…) and on that particular day she was exploring in the garden. She was the smallest child there but she made her way front and center every time there was something to be shown by the facilitator. She asked questions and answered a few–she even told a story about her kitty (insert puzzled look). Nevertheless, she enjoyed herself and that made me happy…happy to be a parent! The best job I’ve EVER had.

Ode to Irene

Ode to Irene
                                                                                                                                    Ode to Irene by kei2life featuring wellies boots

Here on the East Coast struck Hurricane Irene. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wake up to any damage. The only noticeable remnant of the storm (from my window) was the branch that had fallen at my front door.

I am happy to say though that this natural disaster made me see life a lot differently. I woke up this morning expecting the worst. In fact, I went to bed @ 3 am thinking that I would literally have to weather the storm for a few days without power. To my surprise, it was business as usual with the exception of my cable being out on one of my televisions (which is minute considering and I believe that the little people have elected to watch movies today anyway). I am truly grateful!

On a lighter note:
Friday night, I stopped in Sephora and although I stated that I would not purchase anymore makeup (who was I fooling) until I used more of what I have…I…I…well at least it was all on sale!

So a friend of mine  joked that while others were out buying water, batteries and gas I was buying MAKEUP. lol. Where’s the surprise in that? I guess I could’ve done some looks and uploaded them but this weather makes me so incredibly lazy. Besides I am still catching up on past episodes of the Young and the Restless. Must I tell you that I have arrived –FINALLY– at episodes dating back to December of 2010.

So I am officially blaming my lethargy on the weather, my choice of warm beverages and the most wonderful banana bread that I have ever tasted in my life. (By the way, I’m not a fan of banana anything. It was my daughter’s idea to add that loaf to our weekly order of homemade loaves from They also added specialty butters to my order for last week. DELICIOUS!). So back to this laziness…ther are so many factors–including this blog—wait, this is work! #productivity

Well, Irene, thank you for going easy on me and to those of you who are cleaning up this morning and without daily luxuries (e.g., electricity, habitable shelter, etc.) my prayers are with you.