I absolutely ADORE it!

Let’s be honest. For all those who know me so well also know that my hair is prone to morph into ANY color on the color wheel at any given time. However, I must admit that lately I’ve been a little on the conservative (me? conservative? Noooooooo!lol)side with the whole hair color thing. So last Fall, I decided to try something new!

Adore PLUS Plum Brown Semi-permanent color

I have used hair color from this company many times before and believe that of ALL of the semi-permanents that I have tried, this brand is definitely by far the absolute best. It has staying power which is sooooo important in the world of color (especially if you are partial to hues of red and/or orange). It stains your skin minimally which is definitely a plus!
Another plus??? It retails at most beauty supply stores for under $4.00. Therefore, making it extremely economical and who doesn’t love that?


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