Ruffles and leopard and glitter…Oh my!

Fall 2011 Girls' Style Sheet One

Life has a funny way of revealing what you need. Lately, I have been in a creative slump. I’ve made things here and there but nothing that has truly satisfied me. However, through the process of questioning the purpose for my existence, I discovered that I am one of those people who need to engage in a myriad of creative endeavors–simultaneously. Hence, arriving at the conclusion of the need to venture into the world of children’s styling. The next move materialized without much thought; leading me to start with Polyvore as a source for compiling styling sheets.

As a child, I always cut out pictures from magazines and glued them in composition books. I wrote captions and scribbled notes. I even drew additional pictures. I think that was the beginning of this quest to venture i the direction of styling. There was even a time when I used my entire bedroom wall as a backdrop for a fashion collage (I guess I got bored with the notebooks!). So there it was, straight out of the latest fashion magazines of that time. I wish I had taken a picture…the way we document life has certainly changed.

So, here I am back where I started. I have returned to the root of my happiness and am ready to charge full speed ahead. So, stay tuned…


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