Shining Through the Darkness

There was a time when I didn’t quite see the gift God gave to me. People tried to convince me that I was great but I wouldn’t believe them…I just couldn’t see what they saw. So one day, I approached a crossroads in my life and I had to make some major decisions and take some small steps in that direction.  God wasn’t expecting me to change in an instant but He allowed me to take one step at a time.

As I began to take those steps HE started revealing to me what I had always been.  You see, I had become somebody that not even I recognized. It was a very dark time in my life…

Since I’ve decided to take the necessary steps to live life in my full potential (or at least consider the option) opportunities to be who I was created to be are overtaking me. I have been conforming to the idea that I could be somebody great…that people appreciate my point of view. I kind of like the idea of speaking without a word escaping my mouth. For the first time in my life I am speaking from my soul…and very loudly.


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