A star was born

The day was Wednesday, September 1, 1999–another day that would change my life forever.  FAST FORWARD.

Thursday, September 1, 2011 (12 years later). As I was making caramel apples to take to her classmates I couldn’t help but to thank God that he blessed me with such a beautiful young lady (inside and out). Those thoughts have been constant recurring thoughts and I couldn’t contain my emotions as I prepared this message for her…

“Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful superstar!! You are more than even I               could’ve ever imagined. Keep conquering every challenge that is placed in front       of you with humility an grace; my model, dancer, honor student…my firstborn girl.     You may not realize it but you are the perfect example of a big sister. You make       me so proud. I love you big girl!!”

The realization that my baby was no longer a baby was overwhelming to me. She is now a twelve year old girl who continues to exceed my expectations.  There is NOTHING that she has applied herself to and failed…absolutely nothing!!

She is my star…my shining light .

She is the apple of my eye