The Decision

Well, my daughter began kindergarten this school year after much research and I decided that I would register her at four years old. At the beginning of September, she was two months shy of being five years old. I wavered because being an educator I noticed when children that were younger than their peers were in my classroom they did not perform as well as their older peers–sometimes. I would have to say that sometimes it made no difference at all and that there seemed to have been many factors as to why the inconsistencies/deficiencies existed.

I rationed. I reasoned. I justified. Still I had no answer. I questioned as to whether I wanted her to begin kindergarten to satisfy my own needs or had I truly believed she was ready. The state department of education believed she was not. Having an issue with “the educational authority” making the decision for me, I searched for a school that would take her at the age of 4.10. Ha! I did just that and it was MUCH easier than I thought.

So now that she has been in kindergarten for a little over two mouths I am proud to say that she is reading, spelling and writing. She is also a great mathematician. There are some things that I noticed that are deficient (but who doesn’t have deficiencies??). However, those deficiencies are a part of her make up. She has some speech and language issues but none of them are hindering her educational growth.

As a family unit, we (Mom, Dad and siblings) are so proud of her. Everyday, she is making progress. We decided that she probably needed to go slowly at first instead of full immersion. After careful thought it was agreed that we made the right decision and that we couldn’t be happier. Did I mention that she is homeschooled??


Back by Popular Demand…

I’m back after trying to figure out how to balance my life. I’ve been trying to engage in things that are meaningful and purging those that are less fulfilling. I am truly finding a balance of what matters most and learning the all important lesson of saying NO!

I can say that as I have been soul-searching I have been thinking about ways to rise and shine with a warm heart. I am happy to report that it has been an interesting journey.

I have taken on the responsibility of teaching my five year old. It has been the most rewarding job. She is such a joy to teach even in her most opinionated moments. I am so proud of her. She has learned many things and is now learning to read and write.  She is even spelling three letter words. I thought that the task would be too difficult and overwhelming for her beings as though she has only been five years old for two weeks. Boy was I WRONG!!!

Lately I have been thirsting for more creative outlets. I have been indulging in mixed media arts via designing journal pages, collecting interesting items to enhance my journaling as well as making lists. YES!!! I am beginning to make lists. I actually enjoy it and looking forward to incorporating lists into my art.  I have also gotten back into makeup artistry as I should. I actually make my face daily and have been featured at a few makeup parties. It’s been great!! AT this point in my life I am looking forward to recording these displays of creativity. So I am trying to convince myself that my life will consist of more pictures and video footage. I truly dislike the fact that I don’t record life’s moments on film/video (as much as I should). I must get better!!

Organization. Ugggghhhh!!! I say that I want to be completely organized by 11.30.11. That leaves two weeks. I don’t think I will be able to complete this goal but that an extension of 12.31.11 would be ideal. Good news: MY CLOSET IS ORGANIZED!!! Now that in and of itself is a major success.

I am patiently waiting to move! I am surprising myself as to how patient I have been or maybe I am dreading having to pack. Anyway, I have been purging/organizing for a smoother transition. I am looking forward to an in-home studio as well as a FAMILY CLOSET.  (We kind of have a slight **cough cough** addiction to clothing.)

Now back to making lists. I guess it would be fitting to include one in this entry. So here goes it!

What’s new???

  1. addicted to Reality TV. (I know…I’m late! I guess I never really cared as much before.)
  2.  registering for Spring classes (grad school)
  3. enrolling in another school (second Master’s)
  4. spending more time with family (in PA & MD)
  5. couponing
  6. looking at colleges with oldest child
  7. planning more opportunities to travel
  8. taking the kids to London for my son’s senior year of high school and because my 5th grader has the most beautiful British accent
  9. thinking about life in a whole new way
  10. learning to love more (that’s to include myself)
  11. communicating with loved ones more often
  12. attempting to live without so much stuff

Well there you have it!! That’s my life in broken thought. Until later…