Not So New New Year’s Resolution

My daughters and I were at the table this morning having an art session and my oldest daughter asked me what is my New Year’s resolution. My answer was simple; I don’t have one. I guess I’m so over making promises to myself that are broken before January’s end (or before the day’s end of January 1-sad but true). So this year i have decided to employ some avenues to bring about self- awareness.

I have decided to make a calendar which is still a work in progress. (Photos to come later.) I have also decided to participate in a few “challenges” such as

to start. Also, Hubby has decided to art journal with me although he has admitted that he has no idea as to what he will be doing. The fact that he is a willing participant is exciting!! So, after the little people go to sleep we will be having our own art sessions at least once a week after the little ones have gone to bed. We have also decided that we will be going to workout three times a week. I am looking forward to racquetball and cycling but not looking forward to swimming. Whatever the workout shall be, I need to stick with it beings as though I gained at least 35 lbs. yes, I gained 35 lbs. and I am convinced that it is causing more stress than I want in my life. So at this time I am thinking about posting pics of my journey.

On another note, I am overjoyed that Shaq has joined Charles, Kenny & EJ on TNT!! The NBA lockout is over!!


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