I Am Thankful for Sharpies!!!

I love Sharpies!! They are great for writing and so when I stumbled upon this at Blue Cricket Design it was love at first sight.

Anyway, I am thinking of all of the many opportunities to write–and even draw–on these canvases. I’ initially though about one of the children’s birthdays but there isn’t one of those until June. So I’ll just have to create an opportunity to do this or …hmmm…we can make placemats during Family Fun Night!!! Problem solved.


2 thoughts on “I Am Thankful for Sharpies!!!

  1. That’s beautiful! I just put it on my pinterest board to make at a convenient time. New kitchen curtains perhaps?

    (To post words instead of the http://….. write what you want it to say, highlight it with your cursor, click “insert link” and put your link where it says “http:”)

    • Thank you very much for the tip!

      I was just thinking curtains in my daughter’s room. The possibilities are endless. I kind of wish I would’ve written on butcher paper with metallic Sharpies to use to wrap the Christmas gifts.

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