Good Morning, Spring?

Ok…No…Wait. I know. It’s not Spring but I am in cleaning mode before the new year arrives and my computer is included in this process. I am setting it up to cater to the me that is evolving.

So as I’ve been e-cleaning (Webster?? Where art thou?), I have found lots of pictures, links, documents and music that has been untouched for months. I must admit that my mental rolodex doesn’t hold very much these days and that I have forgotten all about these boots that I so want from the UK. Are you ready for this? (I don’t think you are but here goes it):

…and there are MORE!!

…so adorable!

…and just in case you were wondering. They are unavailable now butIMG_5999

DIY instructions!!!!



One thought on “Good Morning, Spring?

  1. Gosh, that first photo is really cool!

    Just noticed that you subscribed to my blog the other day. Wanted to stop by and thank you. Can’t wait to check out more of yours.

    Hope to see you again soon!


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