The Fork…

…in the road. I was talking to my hubby the other day and stated boldly that I am not doing business in 2012. No business at all. Well, except for makeup jobs. That was until I woke up this morning with my good friend (and business consultant) on my mind. I called her (and woke her) at around 9ish. My body convinced me that it was much later. Anyway, that conversation turned out to be very productive and propelled me in the right direction. There is work to be done!

An hour (or two) had passed and I found myself engaged in another “business-like” conversation. The premise of this conversation was simply this: don’t waste creativity That God has blessed you with. This was not the first (or the twentieth time, for that matter) that I had had this conversation. It lead me to thinking…what am I not seeing? Why is it that I haven’t done “it”? What is really holding me back? Seems they are questions that need to be answered (self-reflection). I can say this: I need to spend some time this weekend enjoying the process of creativity for no other purpose other than self-fulfillment. Breathe and just be. Yes, Breathe and just be.

So with that being said, I need to develop a list of tasks & deadlines and then put it away until Monday. There is always something to do and/or somewhere to go. (PAUSE) for now I can just take the road to the space that allows me to just …BREATHE!


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