Passion & Determination …My Twin Dancers

I woke up this morning and reached for the remote. I decided to watch a documentary that I recorded for my five year old daughter to watch. Beings as though she is very young I wanted to preview the documentary before allowing her to consume it. Yes, consume. My five year old loves EVERYTHING about dance. She loves all genres and displays so much passion for dance as a five year old. She is absolutely amazing to watch. I know she has a lot more to learn but the flame that is burning within shine very brightly.

Rewind to the Fall of 2003. I enrolled my first-born daughter in dance class at a local recreation center. She was cute and danced as four year old with that same passion that I am seeing from my five year old who was four years old when she started her first dance class. Since then, (due to a ballet solo that earned my oldest daughter an audition at a premiere dance studio & was invited to join the company for children) both of my daughters have been learning to conduct themselves as professional dancers. I know, my youngest is only five and no, I am not pressuring her. She wants to dance. She never wants to miss classes. She in fact wants to wear a black leotard to class and convertible tights as opposed to the pink leotards and footed tights that are worn in class by her peers. My baby wants to attend more than her required weekly class. She would like to attend classes more than once per week as her older sister does. She wants to be in the company as her sister is. She wants to perform.

In 2006, I was astonished at the fact that I birthed a baby girl that looked just like my first when she was born. As time progressed, I realized that they were both exhibiting the same qualities as if they were twins. They were born seven years apart but they are kindred spirits. They fight together. They cry together. But most beautifully, they dance together. Both of my daughters exhibit amazing qualities. One has immense passion & the other has an unbelievable amount of determination. I am anxiously awaiting for them to grow up and pursue life as these they bloom into awesomely talented individuals.

So as I watched this documentary, I cried knowing that my daughters have opportunities that are not afforded to other children that may have that same flame within. It is a devastating experience to not be able to pursue a dream. It is even more rewarding when someone believes in you enough to extend the opportunity of a lifetime.

Below you will find the story of a young lady who believed in herself enough to keep dancing through it all.


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