Project 365+1 : Day 3

Prompt: A fresh perspective

Originally, I decided to take a picture of the sushi that I bought from Whole Foods for dinner. (I left my camera and my phone at home. I am so bad with capturing memories –insert sadface. There would have been so many great pics to take while at Whole Foods.)


After leaving Whole Foods, hubby wanted to take a trip to Ikea. Ahhhhh! There I found myself so inspired with a fresh perspective on decorating my home. So last night was filled with rearranging furniture and making plans for all the space that we have created. It’s amazing as to what one can do if they just see things a little differently.


I am not a photographer, by far. I can say that I am enjoying this and hopefully, one day, I will naturally remember to record the world as I see it.


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