Addicted to Paint

Last night (after cleaning my art space and making smoothies (no sugar added) with the children I was exhausted. I was physically drained but my soul wanted to be creative. My sould needed to paint something–anything. So, I pulled out a tote of organized painting supplies, some oil pastels and random pieces of “paper”.


a gym schedule


and another!


a piece of cardstock from some scrapbook packaging


a brown lunch bag


a piece of watercolor paper


a bacon box


and a check stub.

I was having so much fun that my 10 year old daughter pulled out a pop tart box that she had saved and wanted to paint. At this point, it was after 10 o’clock but hey–it was a Friday night. My son who is 15 years old sat with us “artists”and  was accompanied by another one of my daughters (a five year old who was trying to convince me that it is okay for her to paint at that time of night. Even my exhaustion knew that that would be a complete disaster!!!!).

We joked and joked and joked some more. It was awesome! The children really seemed to have enjoyed themselves and so did I. In this instance, I’m so glad I  succumed to my addiction.


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