The Math Homework Demon Strikes Again!!

Monday was a trying day! There seemed like endless amounts of work to be done. On top of all of that, I was supposed to go to the gym. Hubby saw my frustration and decided that although he was anxious to go and I was dressed to go, that the gym would just have to wait. Dinner was on the stove and of course, my 10 year old had completed her Math homework incorrectly. (She absolutely DISLIKES Math). So, as much as I wanted to relax, I could not. I was so frustrated. We did her homework and she still looked puzzled. There was NO way that I was going to let her go to bed without understanding the concepts that were presented in class.

Plants, plants and more plants. Yesterday must have been Science Tuesday because that’s what my five year old seemed to have enjoyed. So that’s what we did. We investigated fruits (seeds) and veggies, ate pumpkin seeds and examined deciduous trees. We even re-potted a plant.


Back to the Math homework saga. So last night her dad helped her while I did “my chores”. He even cooked dinner for me. We had a taste for steak. Oh! Porterhouse steak. Mmmmmmm! Finally, we sat down to eat it at 11:00 (after the 10:00 bedtime story for my 5 year old and my 10 year old’s dreaded Math homework. For the record, she dreads Math — not me.). So, after watching a bit of tv with my meal, I climbed upstairs and in the bed I went.

This morning, I felt like a zombie. I didn’t get out of bed until 8 a.m. I felt so guilty (but the little one was tired as well and was still sleeping). I scuffled into the kitchen to compose a cup of coffee. Every morning starts with coffee! I ate oatmeal (the 5 year old’s breakfast request) and with a swig of a cold beverage I downed my vitamins. I started to feel alive!! Math, Phonics, Science (she made a book of animals and began to compare and contrast their characteristics), Language Arts & Handwriting. No History. No trip to Australia (insert sadface).

So somewhere in my day I managed to sketch & paint my Everyday Matters item.

 EDM #3

The plan was to go to the gym and to the art store to get 140 lb. paper but the MATH HOMEWORK DEMON was against that so off to Target (to return an item) and Whole Foods I go. I am anxiously awaiting my DVR’d (another long night) episode of Revenge!!!


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