Where Has the Time Gone?

I have been MIA for a few days (days?).

There is lots to tell but for now,  I want to say that I absolutely had to do a product review. So, without further adiue…

I started taking these about two weeks ago. I take them every morning (even before my first cup of coffee). I must say that I am impressed!

I had an overlay ( a thin layer of nail acrylic) on my nails (because they are so weak) and last night decided to “rip” the acrylic off. I know!! That’s so not good to do. I had plans on getting a new layer put on during my next trip to the nailery. Anyway, after the acrylic comes off, the nails are normally in a weakened state. But noooooo, not this time. My nails are strong!!! Not one of them has broken. I am also noticing a difference in my hair. It is shinier, stronger, bouncier and overall healthier.  The best part: They were sooooooooo inexpensive!!! (much less than the cost of an overlay or a blowout).


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