Take a Rest

As I was perusing various blogs today, I came across a post from Steady Mom that reminded me to take a break. I put too much pressure on myself daily to complete many tasks. So, many of those tasks get left untouched. I often wonder how so many people get so much done. Homeschooling & homework ( I have children who go to school outside of the home and I homeschool as well.) Cooking. Cleaning & organizing the home (I can’t possibly clean at the rate that they destroy). Referee. Transport to school and activities. Coupon. Read the Bible daily & PRAY. Complete coursework for graduate classes. Surf the net or create art (my escape). Be a loving mother & wife. Ok, you get my point. How does one do it?  Tasks. I think about them in my sleep and often avoid some of the items on my monstrous to do list.

So, today I had to visit  a state office to complete some paperwork. I then received a welcomed surprise. I was invited to lunch by my wonderful husband. We talked and he told me that he understands how hard “my job” is. Upon reaching my front door (exhausted and needing to rest), I began to complete more tasks. After all, I knew that i would not be able to rest until these things were done. I was glad I did. A strange twist of event allowed me to “kill two birds with one stone”. I was happy.

I sat for a minute and decided whether I should at least complete one task on my “Grad School To Do List”. What? What was I thinking? Who was I kidding? I needed to rest. So I made a warm beverage and trekked upstairs to my bed (joined by my five year old shadow). She was a little upset that I (for once) decided to “take a rest” (as she calls it) and not watch Nick Jr. I felt bad but…but I needed this for me. For once.

So I grabbed the remote and On Demand it was. I proceeded to watch Body of Proof. This is a show that I found while searching for some type of crime-solving drama. Well, to my surprise, the setting is none other than Philadelphia–my place of birth. I watched (two episodes last night) and a third during “my rest”. I am looking forward to the next episode but more importantly, opportunities reminders to “take a rest”.


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