Project Life : Take Two

I decided in late November to live this year with Project Life. What’s today’s date?? Right. We are about three weeks into the new year and NOTHING. I don’t know where to start or how to organize my materials. Wait! Do I have enough materials? I am not a scrapbooker. I don’t have all of those pretty things to add to my pages. I don’t even leave the house on a daily basis. So …

I sat and thought and looked. I found it. A collection of items on a ring at jamaica makes.


So now I am inspired to look at things differently and look at all that I have to make this super easy. I have plenty of receipts, tags from items I’ve purchased, packaging, fabric, paper, etc.  Who knows, I might just open up that scary 12×12 binder with empty sheet protectors and just start putting things in. Maybe…


5 thoughts on “Project Life : Take Two

  1. Really? I’m not a big “scrapper” either. I don’t like rules or being ruly (lol). I’m pretty unruly at times. I am quite the individual. I would suggest just putting things together as you wish. How about using a notebook or journal and adhering things with or without captions?

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