Reality Bytes

I must admit that for portion of my life (the last few years) I have been under a rock. In saying that, I am perplexed as to how I was completely oblivious as to the existence of The Real Housewives of DC. Was I the only one? Now I know that there of more pressing issues in the world but a little dose of reality tv keeps me entertained. Apparently, America didn’t think I missed anything. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after airing its first season. (The only series of “The Real Housewives” to have this claim). I am actually enjoying the show (I think it has a lot to do with my love for Maryland). There are portions that I can do without as with most reality tv shows. Some of them are just way over the top and whether the drama is orchestrated or not, I believe that most of it is unnecessary—except that it does help the ratings.  Anyway, I have recorded most of the reruns on Bravo and have spent time re-watching them. I am a fan.

While we are on the subject of reality tv, let me say for the record, that I CAN ABSOLUTELY DO WITHOUT LOVE & HIPHOP (and most, if not all,-VH1 shows)!!! And before you ask, yes, it does warrant caps & bold font.

However, during a bout with insomnia one night this week, I caught a snippet. During this particular episode, Olivia was in the studio and sang a song about her relationship with her mother.  This was done alongside the melody being played on an acoustic guitar. I don’t keep up with the particulars of her career (or lack thereof) but in my opinion, her raw talent is astounding. She can really sing. So as I continue on the road of watching reality tv, I am grateful that there are so many choices. I especially enjoy watching BRAVO while working out on the apparatus at the gym. It is a welcomed distraction. Real Housewives of Atlanta  here I come.

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