30 Days of Lists!!!

I have been in a creative rut lately. I don’t know what has happened but I know it has turned me into an absolute grouch. Anywho, I have been contemplating altering that negative energy with #30Lists. I just registered and I am so excited. I am even going to create prompts for my kindergartener to use. We will be creating lists during the time we spend doing morning work. She will be working in her Literacy notebook and me…well…I haven’t decided. Grrrrrr! I have a small journal that I am thinking of using and making a cover for…I just decided to go with that instead of stressing myself out. This is supposed to be fun. Right?? Why do I have to be so indecisive in the first place?

Well. I now have access to all of the “goodies”. It’s Wednesday & Revenge (the finale) is coming on in a bit. Oh! and hubby is sitting beside me waiting patiently for Revenge (shhhh! don’t tell him I said that). All is right with the world!!


The Journey Not My Own

“One day I just might pen a tale of how one event can change a life forever & how grace will locate every broken piece and put it back together. note to self: this journey was never intended to just bless me. Ase.” ~me

Yesterday while en route  to pick up my daughter from acrobatics class my husband asked me what do I have to offer to the world of education. I thought and passionately responded. We arrived at our destination and I got out of the car fighting back the tears. I proceeded to offer a quick prayer of guidance. I know not of my purpose in life but I am fully aware of my passions and believe that one day they will all fit perfectly together for the good of at least one other being besides myself. I am nothing but a vessel.


True Confessions

I have a confession to make. I love art and I love to create but the possibilities are endless and often leave me overwhelmed. Project Life. So, this morning, I decided to just tie my sheet protectors together with ribbon (I am slightly addicted to ribbon–confession #2). I just started picking up random pieces and placing them in the plastic sheets. I haven’t decided on a binder yet due to an abnormal amount of indecisiveness. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s a start and that is all that I can hope for right now.

Confession #3: Project Life is the last item on my list of tasks for today. I have neglected chores, shopping and coursework for creativity. What’s new? But I got the itch just looking at the many blogs I read of various art forms. And speaking of such, my find of the day *drumroll please*:  Cavallini & Co...

Which leads me to my next confession I am addicted to sticky notes and these are darling.

However, the item that led me to this discovery was the washi tape/paper tape found on Amazon.com.

Sorry that there were no grueling, tell all tales about my life’s indiscretions but art is a passion that has engulfed me in a life-long affair. What are you hiding? Do share…

Inspiration 2.10.12

I was told to go upstairs in my room and relax yesterday afternoon. Most days I leave my room at 8am and don’t return until 11pm. I forget that I do have the ability ti just relax at times but pressure myself with the never-ending list of tasks. So for once (I’m working on that), I listened. My orders were to relax and that he would be home shortly to make dinner. I did that for a bit but could’nt comply for long. I marched downstairs to my homemade chicken caesar salad (so much for dinner in bed) and my son’s Algebra II ( that I enjoyed. I know! I’m strange).

*insert sadface for not taking a picture. note to self: TAKE MORE PICS!*



Hubby told me that we are getting my bookcases this weekend and that we are getting the more expensive ones. He wants me to be happy. I love him so! So this weekend I am praying for energy to complete my in-home projects (and to remember to take pics) and complete my coursework. Maybe I will get the table painted since the two older girls will be away. That usually equates to quiet time because my 12 and 5 year olds won’t be either playing music and dancing or fighting. Oh joy!

I am currently searching for inspirations pictures for my dining room … … … … … … … … I’m still searching.

Change is good!, The dining room is a great place to express your creative side from time to time.  When they say "centerpiece" I like to think out of the box a bit. For example, it does NOT always need to be in the center...I like to put my "centerpiece" off center toward one end of this long table. This time I used my rustic pots....a little oil pot (or something with a handle) and some FAKE ...yes, FAKE apples.  I put the apples in a bed of moss. I find that by throwing in a couple of REAL apples to an arrangement like this can fool the eye into not seeing that the apples are not real. I also added an old carved teak piece of wood laying at an angle on the table.  I kind of like using this artificial fruit if it looks real enough and I do not need to worry if an apple is going bad in my arrangement.....we look at these and eat the real ones!!!  Carole www.carolemeyerart.com, Artificial fruit sits in a bed of moss for a little color on the dining room table.  www.carolemeyerart.com  , Dining Rooms Design

I guess I will start with this. I wish that I would’ve brought items back from the Bahamas. Oh well! I will just have to visit a few places to find some interesting items, although I could probably shop around my house.


Spring Was Here!!…I Mean There

Louboutin suede cutout boots

I came across these boots and the thought of wearing them led me down a path of composing my spring wardrode (in my head).  The first thing that came to mind was this darling color. Oh canary!!!

and these shoes…well…ummm….I absolutely love shoes that tie around my ankle. There’s definitely something sexy and alter ego-ish about them.

Well that is my random ranting for the evening! I think being in Nassau (the Bahamas) this week has me feeling like I should be donning spring attire. It was definitely nice to be in 80 degree weather BUT I must admit that I love my seasons–even winter (from the inside)!