Inspiration 2.10.12

I was told to go upstairs in my room and relax yesterday afternoon. Most days I leave my room at 8am and don’t return until 11pm. I forget that I do have the ability ti just relax at times but pressure myself with the never-ending list of tasks. So for once (I’m working on that), I listened. My orders were to relax and that he would be home shortly to make dinner. I did that for a bit but could’nt comply for long. I marched downstairs to my homemade chicken caesar salad (so much for dinner in bed) and my son’s Algebra II ( that I enjoyed. I know! I’m strange).

*insert sadface for not taking a picture. note to self: TAKE MORE PICS!*



Hubby told me that we are getting my bookcases this weekend and that we are getting the more expensive ones. He wants me to be happy. I love him so! So this weekend I am praying for energy to complete my in-home projects (and to remember to take pics) and complete my coursework. Maybe I will get the table painted since the two older girls will be away. That usually equates to quiet time because my 12 and 5 year olds won’t be either playing music and dancing or fighting. Oh joy!

I am currently searching for inspirations pictures for my dining room … … … … … … … … I’m still searching.

Change is good!, The dining room is a great place to express your creative side from time to time.  When they say "centerpiece" I like to think out of the box a bit. For example, it does NOT always need to be in the center...I like to put my "centerpiece" off center toward one end of this long table. This time I used my rustic pots....a little oil pot (or something with a handle) and some FAKE ...yes, FAKE apples.  I put the apples in a bed of moss. I find that by throwing in a couple of REAL apples to an arrangement like this can fool the eye into not seeing that the apples are not real. I also added an old carved teak piece of wood laying at an angle on the table.  I kind of like using this artificial fruit if it looks real enough and I do not need to worry if an apple is going bad in my arrangement.....we look at these and eat the real ones!!!  Carole, Artificial fruit sits in a bed of moss for a little color on the dining room table.  , Dining Rooms Design

I guess I will start with this. I wish that I would’ve brought items back from the Bahamas. Oh well! I will just have to visit a few places to find some interesting items, although I could probably shop around my house.



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