True Confessions

I have a confession to make. I love art and I love to create but the possibilities are endless and often leave me overwhelmed. Project Life. So, this morning, I decided to just tie my sheet protectors together with ribbon (I am slightly addicted to ribbon–confession #2). I just started picking up random pieces and placing them in the plastic sheets. I haven’t decided on a binder yet due to an abnormal amount of indecisiveness. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s a start and that is all that I can hope for right now.

Confession #3: Project Life is the last item on my list of tasks for today. I have neglected chores, shopping and coursework for creativity. What’s new? But I got the itch just looking at the many blogs I read of various art forms. And speaking of such, my find of the day *drumroll please*:  Cavallini & Co...

Which leads me to my next confession I am addicted to sticky notes and these are darling.

However, the item that led me to this discovery was the washi tape/paper tape found on

Sorry that there were no grueling, tell all tales about my life’s indiscretions but art is a passion that has engulfed me in a life-long affair. What are you hiding? Do share…


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