30 Days of Lists!!!

I have been in a creative rut lately. I don’t know what has happened but I know it has turned me into an absolute grouch. Anywho, I have been contemplating altering that negative energy with #30Lists. I just registered and I am so excited. I am even going to create prompts for my kindergartener to use. We will be creating lists during the time we spend doing morning work. She will be working in her Literacy notebook and me…well…I haven’t decided. Grrrrrr! I have a small journal that I am thinking of using and making a cover for…I just decided to go with that instead of stressing myself out. This is supposed to be fun. Right?? Why do I have to be so indecisive in the first place?

Well. I now have access to all of the “goodies”. It’s Wednesday & Revenge (the finale) is coming on in a bit. Oh! and hubby is sitting beside me waiting patiently for Revenge (shhhh! don’t tell him I said that). All is right with the world!!

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