All Over the Place

So my intention for the month of March was to blog daily. #FAIL. Life happens and it happened to me as well. Anyway, as I was surfing the net today while I was waiting for hubby to finish some work, I found a tutorial for this wreath over at simply me. It is simply gorgeous and I could find a million ways to alter this to fit my needs.

Wreath 1:1

Lately my life has been a series of ups and downs that have provided me with some answers to the burning questions in my head. I have decided to follow my heart and pursue some dreams. Oh! I earned a 90% on my midterm. (I am in a master’s program that is geared toward Youth Counseling and Restorative Practices.) I was pretty proud of myself. Then as I was watching a show about real estate, I had gotten pretty excited about the prospect of me enrolling in a real estate course for the summer.

Thinking about this summer led me to think about sewing summer dresses and skirts. Then I remembered that I am 30 lbs. overweight. However, I started going to the gym regularly and have worked out 6 days this week. That is a big accomplishment for me. I (just this past weekend) bought a shirt to remind me that summer is coming and that I need to get ready. Yellow is my color for Spring/Summer 2012. I am also thinking about getting rid of my many pairs of jeans to purchase some more modern washes (in my desired size).

On another note, I started taking pics using instagram and one of them I am super proud of. Here it is…

Taken with instagram

I am sad that I did not take pics of a pillow that I saw today that I really would have liked to use as inspiration for my bedroom decor. I always forget to take pics and the right moments AND I never quite know what to take pics of. *sigh*


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