All Roads Lead to…PAINT!!


So my son asked me at the very last minute…surprise, surprise…to paint a shirt for him. So being as though they (he and his siblings) think that I am SUPERMOM, I at a late hour finished his shirt while he watched. He even said that WE could possibly work together in the future. LOL…that boy!!

I have also been working on some paintings. This is a rough draft (maybe) of a painting that I am working on. I am seriously thinking about selling my pieces in the near future (at the suggestion of a few friends). Well, who knows where this road will take me?



Looking Fear In the Face

YAY!!!! I made a tutorial on YouTube. I was super proud of myself considering the fact that I had been contemplating making tutorial for awhile. I must admit that it was a bit intimidating…at first. I figured out how to use Movie Maker and decided to give it a try. So without further adieu…

Please subscribe to my channel. I am looking forward to making more videos pertaining to all things creative.

Moving Beyond Denial to Motivation

I have been praying for some serious motivation. The kind that would FORCE me to go hard because I have no other choice. I FOUND IT HERE!!!

Life has been challenging since I made a crucial decision in the last few months of 2008. I have been paying for it dearly and it has taken a toll on who I have grown to be and/or who I was destined to be. Thank God for second -or in my case…what number am I on???- chances. Well anyway, in so many ways my life had morphed into a disaster that I thought couldn’t be salvaged. I guess I was wrong??? Lucky me!!!

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” ~ Langston Hughes

So here I am…

I love to sew but have not even touched my machine in months. Why would I make anything to put on this body???? TRUTH: I have always been “thick” but fit. I have never really had any issues with my weight as I do now. I weigh more now than I have in any of my four pregnancies.) So in order to fulfill my desire I must lose weight. I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!!! So what is the problem?? I am a firm believer that in order to make progress you have to make peace. From this day forward, I will say affirmations and pray about THIS journey. I will love my body in its current state until THAT time comes….until that time comes.

the hair journey begins…once again!

This is me. This picture was taken in December 2011.

This is March 2012. (Dry ends before oil)

This is me now. April 2012. I have decided to minimize the amount of heat that is used in my hair. So the journey begins…once again!

So with all of that being said, I decided to take another stab at this journey because I have been talking to a friend over the last week or so about hair tips and products. It lead me to get serious about my hair care journey (despite being a mother, a wife, a student, an entrepreneur, etc.) and share what I have been doing so that others may benefit. So here we are.

Step 1:

Mix both of these products (any brand of EVOO will do and any VO5 or Suave conditioner) together in a bowl and stir. It should not be too runny. It’s no fun having to keep wiping as this is running down your skin. Place a plastic cap over your hair and let it sit as long as you are able (preferably more than 30 minutes).

Step 2:

Rinse the conditioner/ EVOO mixture THOROUGHLY from your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water dries the hair, making it brittle and unmanageable.

Step 3:

SHAMPOO. I am using Infusium 23 right now along with Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo.

Wash your hair with the moisturizing shampoo of your choice. I try to use a concentrated amount of shampoo on my scalp without a whole lot of manipulation to the hair as this causes tangling. Shampoo twice and rinse.

Try using shampoos that are sulfate free for color-treated hair. Why sulfate free? Click here for more information. The shampoo that I am using currently is not sulfate free, I purchased it to test its moisture-factor. I have been shampooing with shampoos that are thick and one is even the consistency of a body cream.

Step 4:

Dry hair with a t-shirt. It causes less frizz and tangling.

Step 5:


I use a variety of products but right now I am testing Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I can say that I am pleased. It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky and the conditioner is thick. It smells delicious and usually retails for about $5 or $6 for 23.7oz. at any Walmart, Target, or any drugstore or grocery store. Most of the time, I leave this in for a day or two if I am going natural. If I intend to straighten my hair, I will leave this on under a cap for 30-45 minutes.

I have just purchased this product as a leave in conditioner for my ends only. For those of you who wish to not apply heat to the hair, skip to step 8.

Step 6:

Heat Protectant (If applying heat such as blow-drying and/or flat ironing, this step is HIGHLY recommended)

The Tresemme brand is the cost effective method and works well.

Step 7:

Blow-dry thoroughly but do not over blowdry or concentrate the hot air in one particular place for an extended period.

Step 8:

Apply a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair only. This can be done as needed to avoid moisture and can be done whether the hair is blow-dried or air- dried.

Step 9:

Style as you wish.

Note: a small amount of coconut oil can be used after the conditioning step to seal in moisture.

I hope this serves as an aid and there is more to come. Take pictures, share your success and have fun. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. Enjoy!!!