If You Would Like To Leave A Message

I have been waiting for a super important telephone call. In the meantime, I decided to address some other pressing issues and secured another client as well. Oh! The telephone call? I missed it!!! Uggghhh!!! I was so frustrated because of all of the calls I could miss, it was from the one that I was actually anticipating. So I figured like any other stable-minded human being that I would just return the call…only to have to leave a message–leaving me wondering. (Isn’t that the worst?)

Even though I want the information so badly, I will try to calm myself and wait instead of racking my brain. (I know you couldn’t see the long pause). The phone rang and it was the call I have been looking for!!! So now that call has inspired me to do some other things and so things are moving along at a pretty face pace and in the right direction. (I am also thinking why haven’t I dealt with this earlier???) Anyway, as the saying goes better late than never.

I guess I can attribute some of my new behavior to the book “The Magic”. Due to the principles that I have been reading, I am learning to realize that my thank yous are going a long way…for that I am eternally grateful. Ase.


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