DIY Liquid Hand Soap

We decided to make hand soap tonight for three reasons: 1. It’s more economical, 2. I am trying to ease my kids into using more natural products (the next time I do this I will attempt to make my own soap first) and 3. We ran out!!

I had been contemplating making hand soap for a few weeks and thought that it may be a good activity to share with the girls. Well, they seemed to really enjoy it and this could be something that they pass down for generations. My grandmother showed me how to make things from basic ingredients and I sorta got away from that. I am officially back!

So onto the process. We started with the following ingredients:



We used Poland Spring but regular tap water will do.


My oldest daughter grated the entire bar of soap into a small bowl.


We then combined the grated soap with 1 tablespoon of Glycerin (which I searched for and finally found at Walgreens. It was available online and in certain brick and mortar stores. Don’t get frustrated!!! It’s out there.), and 10 cups of water in a big pot.


We “cooked” it over medium high heat to dissolve the soap (constantly stirring). It took about 5 minutes to mesh. The next step was to allow the mixture to cool for another 5 minutes and transfer it in to the blender. We filled the blender all the way up and then dumped some back in the pot. Then we decided on halfway and that caused the mixture to foam all the way to the top making it hard to pour. (I would recommend the use of a funnel. Did we use one??? LOL).


From that first batch we decided to only fill the blender a third of the way and got a nice amount. We did this about 4 more times. Oh did I tell you that somebody pushed the button without putting the top on?? A mess!!! I used the extra suds to clean the countertop *shrugs*.


This is what the mixture yielded (minus ALL of the soap on the counter & floor….CLEAN KITCHEN!!!). These bottles will sit on the counter tonight to (hopefully) thicken a bit. I can say that the soap is very cleansing, smells good and feels great on the skin.

Aside from the mess, we enjoyed making the soap and will make more in the future. I am actually looking forward to a DIY PLAYDAY with my friend and her daughters. I am also excited to make many more household products.


So we left the soap in the containers overnight. When we checked them this morning, they were a glob of jelly rolling around in the jars. We shook them and they were the consistency (excuse me; I have a weak stomach and understand when statements make people queasy)  of spit saliva (better!). That really bothered me to the point that I was severely disinterested.

I had some things to do this morning and returned home to finish more tasks and take a nap. I jumped up!!! I wanted to make the mixture a bit more “lemony” so I added a cup of lemon juice. I poured a half of  a cup in each container and shook it WELL. Now the consistency it left, I liked. I also poured a bit in my palm and washed my hands. It cleanses!!! Note: it does NOT have a lot of suds but suds don’t equal clean. Those sudsy soaps often have “agents” added to create suds to help people believe in the psychology of the suds. Well, I am like my soap (until I run out and attempt another process) and I will also be making lotion bars to put some moisture back into my skin.


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