Celebration of Me

How many times have I looked at forms of print/media and saw nothing that reminded me of me? How many times have I read the beauty section of mainstream magazines and realized halfway through that this advice doesn’t apply to me? Even in 2012 there is still a obvious imbalance. However, there is hope. Women of color and their beauty is beginning to be celebrated and/or embraced. Finally!!!! (There are some companies that have since jumped on the bandwagon. Oh! Now black is beautiful??? Pshhhhh!!!). Our images are now being fused into the beauty industry and instead of dwelling on the reasons I am delighted to know that at least we are being recognized. There are so many products and options to explore. I am having such a wonderful love affair with my hair. I am. I especially enjoy the fact that my daughters can be proud of their heritage and the differences that make them unique. To those who think that all African American have the same hair and that we enjoy your attempts at touching our hair in an experimental fashion…YOU’RE WRONG!!! I have 3 daughters and none of them have hair that has the same characteristics. I treat each one of their personalities differently and the same applies to each head of beautiful hair. They are beautiful.

With that being said, would you like to join the celebration?





and my youngest natural beauty!!!




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