It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the (Last Four) Year(s)


In less than five hours the Opening Ceremony 2012 Summer Olympics will begin. I am so excited!!

I am supposed to be writing a paper but instead I am worried about clearing my DVR to be able to record the Olympics. I have been watching the trials and am elated that it’s that time again. I have to go out of town on Sunday (briefly) but wonder if there is a way to stream it through my iPhone.. Why can’t my DVD in my vehicle get cable or have streaming capabilities…or can it?? See!!! I love the Olympics. I even watch sporting events that I have absolutely no interest in during this time. Well, I guess I should get back to writing so that I can sew/dye (I have a million projects to work on) and watch the festivities later on.

By the way, her hair is gorgeous. Freedom!!


The Unmentionables


It’s here!! It came in the mail (with coupons, of course). So let the selecting begin! Or in my case, may the odds be ever in my favor. (I sometimes have a hard time finding my size…the worst!!!).

Completely Distracted

I am writing a paper. I’m supposed to be writing a paper. Instead I am watching the ybf beauty segment on HSN. I am contemplating buying the Today’s Special. I am really captivated by watching the ladies converse about makeup and applying it gets my gears going. I am a makeup artist. I love everything makeup…especially new techniques and products.

ybf Endless BeYOUty 6-piece Collection

So back to my paper. I am a Master’s student at IIRP (International Institute for Restoratiave Practices). This semester I am taking a course that is focused on Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI). I absolutely love this class. It is so enlightening and relevant in so many areas of life. Really, all of the concepts that I have learned since studying RP have been life-changing. I especially enjoy getting away from the city — my courses are offered in Bethlehem, PA. It’s even worth the 90 minute drive (one way) and I attend both days of the weekend.I know!! You think it sucks. It is the best use of a day. I learn so much, my professor is AWESOME and I get to meet new people from various walks of life (one of my classmates this semester lives in Maine and she drives 8 hours to take part in this unique experience). It’s great…really. Care to join us??

Does any of this sound foreign to you? What in the world is it that I am studying? Need more info.? …

The following article was written by one of my professors. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Friday Edition

I am trying to get back into sewing. I’m no professional but seem to navigate my way through pretty successfully. I have the belief that an artist in one area could be successful in another. Creativity has the tendency to spill into many areas–for me anyway. sewing room

I saw this and thought it would be nice to make for my sewing room but on a super large canvas. How big of a canvas can I get? **pause for an internet search** I just may have to take a trip to the craft (with coupon) and/or art store in search. Wow!! The thought of this in a larger size with a different twist makes me smile. {insert extra big smiley face}

Craft room/Sewing room

Gasp! I need a sewing room and this one would be a bonus. Like seriously. However, my style would not even mesh with anything that looked remotely close to this–at least not while I’m in the lab. What? I’m being honest! 

craft room craft-ideas

The zebra rug is much more my style.

craft room, sewing room

This is more like a space that would cause my wheels to turn but that would spiral to one junkie mess.

sewing room

I have markers & pencils in paper mache oversized planters. I need to decorate them but haven’t been able to commit to any one style.

amazing sewing room

One day I will be blessed with a space for others to come and join in the magic.

organized sewing room

The heavens have opened up!! This…I…LOVE!!

Inspiration. This really is a happy Friday.

Back to School

I dream of being the mother who makes cute items for her kids and sends them off to school with heartfelt, handwritten expressions of love in their lunches. I’m entitled to dream. I am, however, planning to make them some pretty girly absolutely-so cute-that-their-friends-will-be-envious things before sending them off. So here are some of my rough ideas to go along with custom uniform bottoms. How boring is it to wear the same khaki bottoms as everyone else? I am on a mission!

Just Make Stuff Blog...Notebook Teacher Gifts

BACK to school

back to school


Zip Pencil Case


Commitment Issues

Buying furniture is such a huge commitment. I have been to so many stores and have settled on a piece from here and a piece from there. I decided to start with the living room and…well…grey is my neutral of choice.

Colette Grey Sofa $499.99

I figured that I would be able to build around this and change colors for the seasons. I can’t stand to look at the same things for long periods of time.

  • Autumn: reds, oranges
  • Winter: reds, creams, metallics
  • Spring: turquoises, corals
  • Summer: vibrants

orange, white, black, and zebra

zebra print

Love the warm tones

my type of reading nook


So many choices!!!

paintswatchesfinal DECORATING ON THE GO

I do enjoy this color combination.

Paint swatches

paint swatches to use...

So indecisive!! But I have resolved to have lots of fun in the process.

It’s No Secret

I am not a fan of extreme temperatures; I dislike being cold and hot. That said, I am awaiting Autumn. I love Autumn. Who wouldn’t? The trees and leaves; the smell of cool, crisp air; brewing stew; and back to school!!! Fall is my New Year. I set new goals, organize and revamp my existence. It gives me motivation. Lastly ( but most importantly) Fall fashion. Gasp! A chunky sweater, a pair of boot or booties and even a new scent. My love for Autumn is immense.

So while I am waiting (and shopping…I don’t purchase too many summer pieces. In the summer, I buy items that can extend through the chillier months.) I will share with you my newest purchase.


I love Steve Madden!!!


I am really looking forward to many outfit of the day photos. I am also in the process of losing weight. It seems I have a hard time sticking to a routine. Maybe that is due to the fact that I have to play taxi driver for my kids Monday through Friday and drive to Bethlehem, PA from Philadelphia both Saturday and Sunday for class. I guess I forget to care for myself. I actually feel guilty about leaving the kids in the evening to walk/jog/run.


The was the first night of walking, jogging and sprinting. It was humid so I really didn’t push myself as hard ad I could have. Afterward, I went to the diner. I ordered my favorite…a waffle!! I only ate half and had a frozen drink (that’s a weird combo). Anyway,I was hungry and I was well within my 1200 calories for the day.


Halfway. This was a walk from Waterworks (Kelly Drive/ Art Museum) to Broad & South. I wasn’t tired at all. I was so motivated. I was supposed to walk to City Hall but kept trekking.


I made it back to Waterworks in one piece. By that time I was completely exhausted and ready for a salmon salad. (I guess I should’ve taken a pic and shouldn’t have eaten that salad dressing).


Last night. This was workout number 2.

Earlier that day I did this and OH BOY!!! My shoulders are in pain. Oh! Instead of doing regular jumping jacks, I  variated the movement with high knees. What a workout!