I am pleased to report that at least one of my guilty pleasures is subsiding…or is it? I have noticed that I am no longer desperate to get my hands on every magazine that has at least one image that sparks my inner creative goddess. I am now able to glance at images in magazines in the checkout area of the grocery store without purchasing 5 or more monthly publications. Could it be because I snap pictures of the things that appeal to me while impatiently waiting? Or could it be the ever increasing access to images via a myriad of social media sites. Is anyone else a slave to Pinterest?? By the way, this is the summer of Pinterest projects and I am even thinking to do a weekly schedule to keep track of the projects that I am aiming to complete. Can you resist making homemade mod podge from ingredients in your kitchen cupboards?…Oh yeah?…Well, good for you!!! I’ll be pinning until pinning is no longer an option.

Anyway, where was I? Oh…. So, the recovery thing. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from my addiction of wanting to make eye-catching images come to life in my space. These images are so vivid and inspirational and  keep me wanting more. Even the typography seems to come to life, sashaying across the page albeit graceful or rocking out to the latest pop tunes (lol. *shrugs* that’s really how I see it!!).

Creativity!!! It’s what I love…who I am. I credit creativity as my reason to be. It’s that thing that keeps me sane in my not-so-sane world. Whatever it is, I guess recovery is not an option because without the ability to create I would expire. I think I really would.

Well… Happy Friday!!! What will you create today?


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