The Creation of a Tradition

We saw it!!! Yes, I was more excited to see the movie than my five year old but so what!!! LOL

As a family, we decided to spend a portion of our Independence Day at the movies. Did you know that the cost $5 (per person due to holiday pricing. I was sold!!! We went to an AMC theatre in a local mall that had the two movies playing almost simultaneously (my older children were uninterested in seeing brave…hmmmphhh! Who told them they could grow up and not be interested in Disney movies???). Oh! and let me add that although I saved money on the cost of admission, I was dreading the damage to be done at the concession stand. You are not going to believe this. I got kids packs for all!!

 Ours came in a box similar to a kids meal but included popcorn (a sufficient amount; not an overwhelmingly ridiculously unhealthy amount…not that kids care about calories.), a soda (about 10-12 ounce cup filled with ice and 3 ounces of and a small package of candy.  The price?? $6.25 pretax. so essentially I shelled out approximately $12 per person. Not bad!!! Wait!! Holiday pricing? Hmmm….we can come to the movies for every holiday. Why not? And so a tradition was born!

Now back to the movie! I really enjoyed the message and oftentimes think that these movies are way beyond the capacity of their “said” target audience. There were lots of references to the relationship between a mother and daughter and beings as though I was there with my daughter I found it to be quite special.

On another note, that little girl’s (Merida was her name) hair was gorgeous. She had a head of fiery orange unruly curls that were to die for. Although, she is a cartoon character, her hair gave me a greater appreciation for my tresses.

Brave was a really good movie. Well worth the 12 bucks.


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