Inspiration: Friday Edition

I am trying to get back into sewing. I’m no professional but seem to navigate my way through pretty successfully. I have the belief that an artist in one area could be successful in another. Creativity has the tendency to spill into many areas–for me anyway. sewing room

I saw this and thought it would be nice to make for my sewing room but on a super large canvas. How big of a canvas can I get? **pause for an internet search** I just may have to take a trip to the craft (with coupon) and/or art store in search. Wow!! The thought of this in a larger size with a different twist makes me smile. {insert extra big smiley face}

Craft room/Sewing room

Gasp! I need a sewing room and this one would be a bonus. Like seriously. However, my style would not even mesh with anything that looked remotely close to this–at least not while I’m in the lab. What? I’m being honest! 

craft room craft-ideas

The zebra rug is much more my style.

craft room, sewing room

This is more like a space that would cause my wheels to turn but that would spiral to one junkie mess.

sewing room

I have markers & pencils in paper mache oversized planters. I need to decorate them but haven’t been able to commit to any one style.

amazing sewing room

One day I will be blessed with a space for others to come and join in the magic.

organized sewing room

The heavens have opened up!! This…I…LOVE!!

Inspiration. This really is a happy Friday.


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