Back to School

I dream of being the mother who makes cute items for her kids and sends them off to school with heartfelt, handwritten expressions of love in their lunches. I’m entitled to dream. I am, however, planning to make them some pretty girly absolutely-so cute-that-their-friends-will-be-envious things before sending them off. So here are some of my rough ideas to go along with custom uniform bottoms. How boring is it to wear the same khaki bottoms as everyone else? I am on a mission!

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BACK to school

back to school


Zip Pencil Case



3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I want to be one of “those moms” too, complete with school bus shaped cookies in their lunch on the first day. But usually the required prep work trumps the fun stuff. You are brave to make uniform bottoms. Our uniform code has gotten so strict that I’m not going to attempt it…so we’re making hair stuff instead and if I have time I might try that pencil bag you posted, so cute.

    • Sorry for the late reply. 😦 Summer is hectic for a mom of four. I have been pinning away trying to get my ideas in order. I’v even contemplated making a calendar just for Pinterest projects.
      It sucks to have strict uniform codes. Ours is just khaki bottom and their tshirt, sweartshirt, or polo in the color that is specific to that class (Class of 2024). The middle school is pretty much the same but the high school is completely different in that they have to wear EXPENSIVE white–I hate that the shirts are white–shirts with the crest on them and a specific tie. All of them can wear any shoe and/or sock/stocking/tights.
      My daughter wears hair bows everyday so I am now looking for all colors that match her crazy socks that I bought. LOL
      Whatever you do, enjoy it and share pics.

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