Completely Distracted

I am writing a paper. I’m supposed to be writing a paper. Instead I am watching the ybf beauty segment on HSN. I am contemplating buying the Today’s Special. I am really captivated by watching the ladies converse about makeup and applying it gets my gears going. I am a makeup artist. I love everything makeup…especially new techniques and products.

ybf Endless BeYOUty 6-piece Collection

So back to my paper. I am a Master’s student at IIRP (International Institute for Restoratiave Practices). This semester I am taking a course that is focused on Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI). I absolutely love this class. It is so enlightening and relevant in so many areas of life. Really, all of the concepts that I have learned since studying RP have been life-changing. I especially enjoy getting away from the city — my courses are offered in Bethlehem, PA. It’s even worth the 90 minute drive (one way) and I attend both days of the weekend.I know!! You think it sucks. It is the best use of a day. I learn so much, my professor is AWESOME and I get to meet new people from various walks of life (one of my classmates this semester lives in Maine and she drives 8 hours to take part in this unique experience). It’s great…really. Care to join us??

Does any of this sound foreign to you? What in the world is it that I am studying? Need more info.? …

The following article was written by one of my professors. Enjoy!


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