Lakeisha and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

You’ve read that correctly. Yesterday was the worst!!! I was grumpy and ill and nothing was falling into place. After playing Mommy the Taxi Driver, I came home, showered and headed to bed. Yes, I took the night off…for the good of us all. (Note: My five year old doesn’t believe in mommy having days/nights off. She shared a few graceful kisses with me and climbed into my bed with a smile and a clipboard with a colorful sheet of pre-prepared addition problems.) I enjoyed my time with her as much as I wanted time to myself. I’m such a sucker for her.

This morning I felt better mentally (I was trying to convince myself) but physically I was spent. I decided that this would be a day off as well in the bed. As I was catching up on DVR’d shows and sleep, I stumbled upon a Singer presentation on HSN. For weeks, I have been searching for a new sewing machine and serger–to no avail. Having accepted this as my reality I just decided to work with what I have–hence, yesterday’s post. I decided to record it so that hubby could see it when he would return home this evening. THIS NEXT PART IS COMPLETELY TRUE…REALLY!!! Maybe five minutes later, hubby walked into the bedroom and invited me downstairs for lunch:  chicken and shrimp caesar salad and watermelon lemonade with watermelon chunks.

No pic. I was starving and forgot. It was delicious and pretty. (insert sadface). 

Wait!!! I had to make him watch the HSN presentation first. After about 30 seconds he suggested that I buy it and I also sent a message to one of the most fabulous sewing gurus and she approved!!!*Gridpage*ct&

I was so excited!!! It was at that moment that I realized that yesterday’s events were designed to push me toward overcoming excuses and preparing me for the blessings of today. It was my attitude that made yesterday horrible. I am grateful to be on the road to wellness. Although, I do believe that rest (for once) was needed. So, that being said, off to take a nap I go.


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