Long Time Coming!!!

It’s been awhile…I know! I’ve been super busy and not sure of my direction. So three nights ago I literally jumped up from my sleep and posted my 2013 goal on Facebook. ** DRUM ROLL PLEASE**… a beauty boutique! My goal is to own and operate a beauty boutique that will open before 2013 closes. Surprised?  You shouldn’t be unless you don’t know me.

Anyway, I’ve been busy as ever dedicating my life to the millions of tasks to be done each day. I get some done and some I do not. Oh well is what I feel most times but then at other times, I get highly frustrated. I then feel so unproductive and then I spiral downward from there. I’ve actually been a lil grumpy but then again my diet has been off. Gotta fix that! I’m thinking about getting a juicer and definitely committing to working out at least five days a week.

This year I’m thinking about doing December Daily (I guess I better get moving!!). I’m actually in the planning phase right now (insert pic of my doodling…lol). I’m also waiting for my new MacBook Pro (Christmas present?)  and possibly a better camera so that I can be more expressive with my creativity. Maybe the “Blog Gods” will appear and help me with making my blog more indicative of my personality (I’m so challenged in this area).

I’m finished rambling for now. Happy first day of the last month of the year!!