Progress: One Step At A Time

Last week was Come & See at the dance studio so I got to watch two of my daughters dance. They are both doing so well and perfecting their craft. However, I was super impressed with my little pumpkin.


In jazz class she worked hard at keeping up with her class although all of the children are older. Her teachers– all four of them. Have you ever tried teaching a room full of dancing little people????–are AMAZING and have the patience of Ghandi. I salute them.

Oh! During tap class, I was looking down at my phone and heard this rhythmic melody. It was my baby daughter shuffling across the floor. Wow!!!! I was in shock. Although she does her homework in her tap shoes and makes loads of noise when she can, I was in shock. My baby can tap!!! She’s no Harry Belafonte–yet but she is progressing. She’s a star but she had a great leader–her big sister.

Congrats to my big girl for her acceptance to the Philadelphia School for Creative and Performing Arts where she will attend next school year. Hard work pays off!!!


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