High Bun Heaven



So yes I could have edited the pics to hide the Facebook graphics but then I’d not be reminded of the fact that this is what I do at the wee hours of the morning…when I should be asleep (especially, because I needed to be in a meeting first thing that morning with some pretty important people). Nevertheless, I slapped on some a “few” beauty products and off I went and no one was none the wiser. Rant over.

These high buns are absolutely gorgeous and can be dressed up or down…as I plan to do. I was especially turned on by the bun on Keke Palmer. As soon as I straighten my hair on September 21st (I indulge in a heat-free summer) and it starts to get a bit “undone”, I’m going to rock that bun…with a long cardigan, jeans and graphic tee. To go where?…movies, museum, cafe. Wherever I may be, I’ll be in High Bun Heaven. Care to join me?


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