Not Another Trayvon Martin Rant…

nas americsn flag

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The mother in the red dress who spoke brought me to tears. I agree that there are certain things that I must teach my son that other cultures do not understand. I agree that this is nothing new as a result of the Trayvon Martin murder and that our people have been having these talks for generations. “Their” idea of American is based on their experiences as are ours and for us, it’s been a harsh reality. Despite the assumption that the law provides us an equal playing field as American citizens, those assumptions are countered by the preclusion of equal rights. This is not the Jim Crow South or the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. This is a new experience with a new series of occurrences that need to be addressed in a manner that is meaningful. Wearing hoodies or not buying gas for a day does not serve as an adequate means of expression. We must get really clear about what is necessary to move forward as American citizens–not African-American. Other citizens refer to themselves as American without any national affiliation. We must do what it takes for subsequent generations and not for the length of time it takes to buy into an issue until the next comes along. My experience, as the mother in the red dress stated, is I agree that every day my son must go out in the world looking like a “prospect and not a suspect” or he may not return home. Sad but my reality.


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