Grandma Knows Best

So I really hadn’t thought about it until today. “What?” you ask. Well, there’s always been some mystery about why my hair has always been so healthy and strong–even as a young child. Well, it dawned on me today after trying to figure out the best way to incorporate into my regimen the Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) I’d purchased for my hair (of which I’ll get back to in a bit) but before I forget, I purchased it from my local Sally’s. However, here’s the link:,default,pd.html

Grandmother-grandchild-RFD-TV-AARP-grandparents-special.imgcache.rev1311276347927Moving along. One of the hair gurus stated that she used the regular castor oil despite the fact that it’s a laxative and then I had a come to Jesus moment. **insert sound of the heavens opening up** Wait!!! Hold the phone!!!! You mean to tell me that that laxative that my grandmom forced me to digest a teaspoon of orally (I swore it was the entire bottle at once LOL) was helping my hair as well. And just to think she just wanted me to be “regular”.

Now I will admit that I am definitely not one with the best intake and to be honest, I actually apply better ingredients to my hair than I ingest. I know, I know. I need to do better and I have been this summer. So on my quest to buy more products to try on my hair, I bought JBCO and I really like it so far. I’m also doing a no challenge challenge. Ha!!


Listen! I am not one for rules. I don’t like them and never have. I hear I’m some sort of rebel. Who me? Anyway, I posted the details on 2 Year (& Beyond) Healthy Hair Challenge.  “I’m striving to add it to my hair three times per week to promote healthy hair growth in conjunction with my current regimen… Also, I am going to engage until October 31st. I’m going to use it mainly on my scalp as a massage oil because it is so thick and I don’t particularly want that so close to the skin on my face to minimize breakouts.” And then, I got asked what my regimen consists of. I thought the response would be simple enough needing only a few lines. Ummmm I was wrong! So it goes a little something like this…

Regimen…let’s see! I prepoo with coconut oil and conditioner (overnight preferably) , I add a small amount of water to my hair to dampen, I cowash (now with As I Am Coconut CoWash) and NOW I GET IN THE SHOWER———> I rinse my hair thoroughly, then I seal with grapeseed oil that I keep in the shower (I put it on my skin as a sealant in the shower as well…I’m not a fan of lotion. #dontjudge). Now I finger detangle. Because my hair is silky by nature, finger detangling is quite easy but a conditioner with slip such as tresemme naturals may help. I then ring out my hair by grabbing it into a ponytail and GENTLY twisting. Then it’s tshirt time. I wrap my hair in a tshirt for a half hour while getting dressed. Most of the time I wash and go (laziness and convenience) so I set my waves with (argan oil) eco styler gel and voila!!!

Now understand this is subject to change due to the slightest thing such as not feeling like walking up the stairs to retrieve a product from my daughter’s room (forget blaming it on laziness LOL, we all love walking upstairs to get things). By the way, there are no real rules besides use it 3 times a week in whichever way works for you. Feel free to experiment without RULES looming overhead. Oh! There is just one rule: always listen to grandma!!!

**This post is dedicated to Gladys Johnson–the best grandmother a girl could have been blessed to have. Although, I didn’t always display my gratitude for her and all she’d taught me, I’ll never forget. I know she’s smiling down on me and I hope she’s proud of the woman I’ve become.**


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