Today’s Favorite Things

So I ran out of work to come home to an empty house (Woooo Hooooo!!!!). I showered and put on some sweats with time to kill before getting the lil’ person from the bus. I did not want to turn on the tv and risk having to leave whatever peaked my interest, nor did I want to hear the “noise” (I think the latter spoke very clearly).

At any rate, Tuesday nights are free from extra-curriculars and so I usually engage in some type of activity after homework duty. So as I was looking on Pinterest, I came across this pin that sparked my interest. I love typography (I so want to learn) but never take the time. ūüė¶


OMG!!! I’d like to think that I can maintain a very organized journal but my life has proven otherwise. ¬†BUT for some reason I keep the faith. Ha!! I’m going to master this one day.


This is the closest I’ve gotten to an organized (half-completed) page in a book full ¬†of chaos. At the time, I thought it was great but it was way over-complicated and difficult to maintain. So instead, I’ll drool over my today’s favorite blog¬†.


This post¬†served as the inspiration for today’s blog entry. I had the crazy idea to keep a gratitude journal this November. #fail. My life seems too busy to do even that. I guess I will have to schedule time for myself. Which reminds me…I bought a new book at the recommendation of the trainer who presented on Change Management. I have at least scheduled 15 minutes (with the use of my phone’s timer) to read daily. This is done in my office with plenty of disruptions that I try to ignore through my lack of focus.


It’s a pretty good read.¬†

One last thing before I go…Christmas movies on Hallmark have taken over my life but as we sit and complete homework assignments, the Christmas music is on!!! Baby, it’s cold outside.



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