365 11.24.13


I saw this lamp base in Target and had to have it. Then I found the lampshade for $12.99 (I think). Lately, I’ve been obsessed over lamps. Ha! The pic is  dark because I’m resting 🙂 and watching Hallmark movies. Hey!! Look. My baby’s spelling words made an appearance. Having a hard time teaching alphabetical order? Put the words on stickies. It worked like a charm for her.


So when I saw the base on the clearance shelf. I put it in the cart without a second thought. Impulsive? Maybe…oh well. I love the lamp!!! I, actually, bought one last week as well ON SALE and the base is white but -not for long- I am painting it gold (along with a trash can that I purchased for $1.19). I need something to catch the unwanted mail at the door for my hectic life.

By the way, I found my birthday gift. I’m super excited but can’t share…yet. However, I do have something to share. I’m beginning to record my life in a series of lists–daily (I hope). The lists originated (for me) from a pin on Pinterest that led me to this blog and post.

1. A to Z List: Make a list of something from A to Z. It could be a list of things you want to do, or a list of things that inspire you.

A: Atiya (ah-tee-ah). I share this middle name with my 14 year old. It means gift.

B: Boston is one of my favorite cities.

C: Since we are talking about cities, I must mention that Chicago is my favorite. The architecture is amazing and I love that there is a river running through the city. The food…OMG!!! I can go on forever. #Chitownlove


D: Draping. I love apparel design and want to learn how to drape. It’s one of my 2014 goals.

E: Elephants. Love them. They are a symbol of wisdom.

F: Fashion Design has always been a passion. I thought it would have been my career path but I have no regrets.

G: Gladys was my grandmother’s name. She taught me a lot. How to make a cake from scratch. How to cook. How to BE. She left this life on 05.20.1995. I wish…

H: Happiness is relative. I’m happy.

I: Ice. I used to be addicted. So what! Ice cream. I’m not a fan.

J: Justice (her father studied Criminal Justice in undergrad) is my first female child. She rocks!


K: Kevin…my daddy’s name (and two of my brother’s…don’t ask). LOL. I love my daddy!!!

L: Love is a beautiful thing! Have it. Show it. Be it.

M: Mixed media is my favorite art form (besides makeup…but that deserves its own post). There are no rules. No limitations. Mixed media encourages FREEDOM! OH! Shout out to Mahogany Philly!!!

N: Natural Hair!!!! I love natural hair. You do too? Join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/342880039113964/

O: Orphan Black. Love that show. My 12 year old got me hooked. We did a marathon on On Demand.

P: Painting. I love to paint…on anything. Disclaimer: If you stand still long enough, I cannot be held responsible.

Q: Quizzo. I love to watch people play in bars, pubs, etc. I wish I could assemble a team. 😦

R: Rain. I love the smell and sound. I don’t like having to go out in it. It’s beautiful when I’m indoors. The only solace is that, when it rains, it’s a reminder that “rain promotes growth”.

S: Seaweed.Seafood. Sewing. I’m addicted. So (sew) what!!! 🙂

T: I have two children whose names begin with a T and one whose nickname begins the same. They inspire me to be a great parent. This was a message I received in my FB inbox yesterday. It made my day!

If my mom was in my life and encouraged and supported me in activities and/or sports like you do, maybe i could’ve been a dancer or a poet etc. I say that to say you are the best ever. Your girls should be proud to have such a caring mother in their life like you you are the definition of a mother!

U: Ulta. I visit regularly. #dontjudgeme

V: Vacations. I love taking vacations–even if they are mini vacations on the weekends. I even enjoy them in my house–alone. Staycations?

W: Waterice. It’s a Philly thing!!! I’d like to workout more and eat whole foods.

X: People don’t like using Xmas as a substitute for Christmas but it works i this case. I love the season of Christmas and the spirit of it all. For me, it symbolizes reflection. The year is coming to a close and I tend to examine my progress while preparing for another year of success.

Y: Youth. There is something to be said for those that maintain their youth. I think a positive outlook and lots of laughter is the best medicine. Although Tussin is said to be the remedy for all things ill. 🙂

Z: Zen. I would love to study this practice. “It shall not return void.”302704

There’s my list without much thought. I generally used the first things that popped into my head for each letter. Tomorrow’s a new list with new ideas. I kinda like the idea of being able to “braindump” a bit.


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