Documenting Life…One day at a time

Documenting Life…One day at a time

I decided to participate in Capture Your 365 this year and talked this goal in a previous post. In an effort to share this goodness with you, I decided to link the page that was created by Katrina Kennedy for January’s Challenge. Enjoy!

Oh!! As I was listening to Katrina’s webinar, she mentioned that she uses the Collect app (iPhone only) and the prints the “cards” out at the end of the year. Great idea!

20140104-153734.jpgHere’s an example of my pic in the app. (As soon as I get to my phone I will post the flipside of this “card”. ) I think it’s pretty cool. Oh! This app is free but  this font only comes with a $1.99 purchase. I think it’s worth it for something that I’ll be using daily. Afterall, I found much more than that while doing my laundry this morning.



The Ugly Truth

Beyonce’s CD has really grown on me. I actually sat and listened to the lyrics and thought “wow”!!! It’s the soul that needs the surgery. Are you happy with yourself?

Kudos to these girls!

Capture Your 365: 1-4


So I have decided to participate in Capture Your 365. Last year (and probably the one before) I made all kids of excuses as to why I could not participate and the main one being that I didn’t have the “right” camera. Well, I still don’t. As I listened in on the webinar on New Year’s Day, I realized that my iPhone would have to do. And so it is! New camera gods, are you listening? 


Day One: Celebrate. I took this pic at night and at that point, I’d had had my fill of alcohol. Juice and my favorite snack (brown sugar & seasalt- flavored seaweed) would have to do.


Day 2: Goals. Here are just a few promises I made to myself. I’ve since added more. There’s something really exciting about starting a new journal and doodling. 🙂


Ironically, that day (yesterday) was a SNOW DAY!!! However, we aren’t big on playing in the cold. My youngest daughter went out in her pjs to kick the snow with her bare feet. The silliness we attempt as kids… Anyway, I wished I’d taken a picture of that but it all happened so quickly. She figure out that it wasn’t as exciting as she’d originally thought. So my winter sport consisted of staying in bed with my laptop, journal and books [insert warm beverages as need] in relax mode. That is one of my favorite (seasonal) Bath and Body Works candle scents in Flannel here (which I cannot find in a larger size). However, Mahogany Teakwood is the best by far. here Remember: Go online to get coupons B&BW always has specials and/or a great sale. 20140104-153954.jpgDay 4: A Little Bit. A little bit of beans and greens …and water make a great lunch. I am trying to eat a bit healthier to meet my nutritional goals. My water intake has increased as well. I am making an effort to make proper choices. Does that equate to deprivation? Not at all! I just need to add healthier options to my diet.

Care to join me?


Directionally Challenged?

There comes a time in one’s life where they contemplate the rewards (and consequences) of the roads they have traveled–I am no different. It’s no secret that when the New Year rolls around, people make all kinds of (short-lived) promises to themselves and I, too, have been guilty. This year is different! Who hasn’t said that before? The difference for me is that this is the only year in which I have set goals for myself with intention. At the height of this intention is the belief that I can accomplish my professions. There will be obstacles as well as times that I flat out don’t feel like doing any of it. However, my need to fulfill my dreams is greater than any other reason that I could conjure up to be in the very same position at the onset of 2015.

What I am most excited about is the information I’ve received at I am so ready to live my best life this year. I watched the video and made lots of notes in my new journal. I am so excited that it is difficult for me to even compose this post. There is something about this time in my life that I feel I will look back on and realize this what “it”. I really cannot contain myself. Well, let’s see where this journey takes me…and you get to come along for the ride…or maybe you will join me. Welcome aboard!


This post came from the realization that unless I create my own streams (yes, multiple) of income, I am at the mercy of another when it comes to being compensated for my worth. It doesn’t matter what my position is if I have no control over my own situation. Is this what I deserve? NO. Is it what I’ve imagined what my life would be? NO. Then what? Change it (by any means necessary). Change. Do things differently. Do things differently. TAKE ACTION!!!! Ready??? GO!