Serving Up Drama On a Gold Platter?

Speaking of creative expression…




Black is Beautiful


As I was perusing Instagram, I stumbled upon this magnificence. I am a fan of @mayasworld, especially due to the fact that my daughters watched her YouTube vids and started their journey–on their own. That said, this picture is absolutely amazing and I love EVERYTHING about it. Just goes to show that black is beautiful–through and through. By the way, I’m hoping the fashion gods will add that coat and shoes to my wardrobe.

Clearly, this is my Fabulous Friday Find. Stay tuned for more fabulousness. Until next time…

Ms. Anomaly đź’‹

Turban Time

As I was checking out YouTube…lol…like it’s an occasional occurrence. Ha! I LIVE on YouTube. Anyway, who doesn’t love a nice headwrap with fall fashion??? A pair of leggings/skinnies, a simple tee and a jean/military jacket and accessories (sunnies, chunky jewelry, nerd glasses)??? I mean you can rock your style however you choose!!!

Hello There

It’s been awhile…I know. I have been getting my oldest daughter ready for dance performances as well as getting them all ready for SCHOOL. Yes, school is in session for my children. My oldest starts tomorrow and we have decided to send the youngest one to school this year…no more homeschooling…bittersweet.

Well, anyway, lots has gone on that I will be back to share with you later (like our trip to Boston). But for now, I just wanted to share this pic:

Lately I have been pinning and researching all things concerning sewing. This dress is my newest inspiration. I am so ready to construct this with my new machine. I can’t tell you how many maxi skirts/dresses I’ve made and even working on garments for the children. Now if only I can remember to take pics (and make a dressform) I may be onto something.

Until next time…



I am loving this (as a uniform skirt for my daughter)!!! I guess I will be sewing today.

It’s No Secret

I am not a fan of extreme temperatures; I dislike being cold and hot. That said, I am awaiting Autumn. I love Autumn. Who wouldn’t? The trees and leaves; the smell of cool, crisp air; brewing stew; and back to school!!! Fall is my New Year. I set new goals, organize and revamp my existence. It gives me motivation. Lastly ( but most importantly) Fall fashion. Gasp! A chunky sweater, a pair of boot or booties and even a new scent. My love for Autumn is immense.

So while I am waiting (and shopping…I don’t purchase too many summer pieces. In the summer, I buy items that can extend through the chillier months.) I will share with you my newest purchase.


I love Steve Madden!!!


I am really looking forward to many outfit of the day photos. I am also in the process of losing weight. It seems I have a hard time sticking to a routine. Maybe that is due to the fact that I have to play taxi driver for my kids Monday through Friday and drive to Bethlehem, PA from Philadelphia both Saturday and Sunday for class. I guess I forget to care for myself. I actually feel guilty about leaving the kids in the evening to walk/jog/run.


The was the first night of walking, jogging and sprinting. It was humid so I really didn’t push myself as hard ad I could have. Afterward, I went to the diner. I ordered my favorite…a waffle!! I only ate half and had a frozen drink (that’s a weird combo). Anyway,I was hungry and I was well within my 1200 calories for the day.


Halfway. This was a walk from Waterworks (Kelly Drive/ Art Museum) to Broad & South. I wasn’t tired at all. I was so motivated. I was supposed to walk to City Hall but kept trekking.


I made it back to Waterworks in one piece. By that time I was completely exhausted and ready for a salmon salad. (I guess I should’ve taken a pic and shouldn’t have eaten that salad dressing).


Last night. This was workout number 2.

Earlier that day I did this and OH BOY!!! My shoulders are in pain. Oh! Instead of doing regular jumping jacks, I  variated the movement with high knees. What a workout!

Shout Out!!!

I am in a few (nevermind the number) natural hair care groups and today I had the pleasure of reading this. Since my daughters are natural (two of them being dye and heat-free) I could appreciate this piece at K is For Kinky. I especially liked this picture and would really like to know where I can purchase a pair of those shoes. Enjoy!