Directionally Challenged?

There comes a time in one’s life where they contemplate the rewards (and consequences) of the roads they have traveled–I am no different. It’s no secret that when the New Year rolls around, people make all kinds of (short-lived) promises to themselves and I, too, have been guilty. This year is different! Who hasn’t said that before? The difference for me is that this is the only year in which I have set goals for myself with intention. At the height of this intention is the belief that I can accomplish my professions. There will be obstacles as well as times that I flat out don’t feel like doing any of it. However, my need to fulfill my dreams is greater than any other reason that I could conjure up to be in the very same position at the onset of 2015.

What I am most excited about is the information I’ve received at I am so ready to live my best life this year. I watched the video and made lots of notes in my new journal. I am so excited that it is difficult for me to even compose this post. There is something about this time in my life that I feel I will look back on and realize this what “it”. I really cannot contain myself. Well, let’s see where this journey takes me…and you get to come along for the ride…or maybe you will join me. Welcome aboard!


This post came from the realization that unless I create my own streams (yes, multiple) of income, I am at the mercy of another when it comes to being compensated for my worth. It doesn’t matter what my position is if I have no control over my own situation. Is this what I deserve? NO. Is it what I’ve imagined what my life would be? NO. Then what? Change it (by any means necessary). Change. Do things differently. Do things differently. TAKE ACTION!!!! Ready??? GO!



‘Tis the Season


This was taken yesterday at Cherry Hill Mall. This is the Pottery Barn window. I wasn’t excited about Black Friday shopping but I love a good sale. I found plenty and got things that I’d written on my list to Santa. I guess it’s time for a list revision. 🙂

Today, the family (minus the boy) went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. NO SPOILER but what an ending!!! Then we went to Bath & Body Works. I let the girls pick their own scents.



Everybody was starving. SMH. So off to one of my quick bite favorites.


TREE TIME!!!! We always get our tree right after Thanksgiving. Baby, it’s cold outside.

(I guess I should mention that the tree is still bundled up on the floor. We were all exhausted last night.) So, today is a house-cleaning, hair- washing, tree-decorating, hot chocolate-drinking, cake & ice cream-eating kind of day. And I don’t have to cook. We are still eating Thanksgiving dinner but I am getting tired of it. I thought today was a day to stay in but of course my daughter needs some things for her project and I need a new Sn@p binder for December Daily (or here).

What a wonderful few days it’s been! This time of the year always makes me draw nearer to family. I love them so!!

How was your holiday weekend?

365 11.24.13


I saw this lamp base in Target and had to have it. Then I found the lampshade for $12.99 (I think). Lately, I’ve been obsessed over lamps. Ha! The pic is  dark because I’m resting 🙂 and watching Hallmark movies. Hey!! Look. My baby’s spelling words made an appearance. Having a hard time teaching alphabetical order? Put the words on stickies. It worked like a charm for her.


So when I saw the base on the clearance shelf. I put it in the cart without a second thought. Impulsive? Maybe…oh well. I love the lamp!!! I, actually, bought one last week as well ON SALE and the base is white but -not for long- I am painting it gold (along with a trash can that I purchased for $1.19). I need something to catch the unwanted mail at the door for my hectic life.

By the way, I found my birthday gift. I’m super excited but can’t share…yet. However, I do have something to share. I’m beginning to record my life in a series of lists–daily (I hope). The lists originated (for me) from a pin on Pinterest that led me to this blog and post.

1. A to Z List: Make a list of something from A to Z. It could be a list of things you want to do, or a list of things that inspire you.

A: Atiya (ah-tee-ah). I share this middle name with my 14 year old. It means gift.

B: Boston is one of my favorite cities.

C: Since we are talking about cities, I must mention that Chicago is my favorite. The architecture is amazing and I love that there is a river running through the city. The food…OMG!!! I can go on forever. #Chitownlove


D: Draping. I love apparel design and want to learn how to drape. It’s one of my 2014 goals.

E: Elephants. Love them. They are a symbol of wisdom.

F: Fashion Design has always been a passion. I thought it would have been my career path but I have no regrets.

G: Gladys was my grandmother’s name. She taught me a lot. How to make a cake from scratch. How to cook. How to BE. She left this life on 05.20.1995. I wish…

H: Happiness is relative. I’m happy.

I: Ice. I used to be addicted. So what! Ice cream. I’m not a fan.

J: Justice (her father studied Criminal Justice in undergrad) is my first female child. She rocks!


K: Kevin…my daddy’s name (and two of my brother’s…don’t ask). LOL. I love my daddy!!!

L: Love is a beautiful thing! Have it. Show it. Be it.

M: Mixed media is my favorite art form (besides makeup…but that deserves its own post). There are no rules. No limitations. Mixed media encourages FREEDOM! OH! Shout out to Mahogany Philly!!!

N: Natural Hair!!!! I love natural hair. You do too? Join us:

O: Orphan Black. Love that show. My 12 year old got me hooked. We did a marathon on On Demand.

P: Painting. I love to paint…on anything. Disclaimer: If you stand still long enough, I cannot be held responsible.

Q: Quizzo. I love to watch people play in bars, pubs, etc. I wish I could assemble a team. 😦

R: Rain. I love the smell and sound. I don’t like having to go out in it. It’s beautiful when I’m indoors. The only solace is that, when it rains, it’s a reminder that “rain promotes growth”.

S: Seaweed.Seafood. Sewing. I’m addicted. So (sew) what!!! 🙂

T: I have two children whose names begin with a T and one whose nickname begins the same. They inspire me to be a great parent. This was a message I received in my FB inbox yesterday. It made my day!

If my mom was in my life and encouraged and supported me in activities and/or sports like you do, maybe i could’ve been a dancer or a poet etc. I say that to say you are the best ever. Your girls should be proud to have such a caring mother in their life like you you are the definition of a mother!

U: Ulta. I visit regularly. #dontjudgeme

V: Vacations. I love taking vacations–even if they are mini vacations on the weekends. I even enjoy them in my house–alone. Staycations?

W: Waterice. It’s a Philly thing!!! I’d like to workout more and eat whole foods.

X: People don’t like using Xmas as a substitute for Christmas but it works i this case. I love the season of Christmas and the spirit of it all. For me, it symbolizes reflection. The year is coming to a close and I tend to examine my progress while preparing for another year of success.

Y: Youth. There is something to be said for those that maintain their youth. I think a positive outlook and lots of laughter is the best medicine. Although Tussin is said to be the remedy for all things ill. 🙂

Z: Zen. I would love to study this practice. “It shall not return void.”302704

There’s my list without much thought. I generally used the first things that popped into my head for each letter. Tomorrow’s a new list with new ideas. I kinda like the idea of being able to “braindump” a bit.

56 Inserts


So now I’m fighting the urge to go to sleep so that I can cut some of these. My goal was to get my “couponing page” ready but I don’t know how. I wish I was a techie. *sigh* Anyway, I will be posting my couponing adventures on the home page until I can figure out how to house these posts on a page of their own.

At least I have my Sn@p binder. 🙂

Today’s Favorite Things

So I ran out of work to come home to an empty house (Woooo Hooooo!!!!). I showered and put on some sweats with time to kill before getting the lil’ person from the bus. I did not want to turn on the tv and risk having to leave whatever peaked my interest, nor did I want to hear the “noise” (I think the latter spoke very clearly).

At any rate, Tuesday nights are free from extra-curriculars and so I usually engage in some type of activity after homework duty. So as I was looking on Pinterest, I came across this pin that sparked my interest. I love typography (I so want to learn) but never take the time. 😦


OMG!!! I’d like to think that I can maintain a very organized journal but my life has proven otherwise.  BUT for some reason I keep the faith. Ha!! I’m going to master this one day.


This is the closest I’ve gotten to an organized (half-completed) page in a book full  of chaos. At the time, I thought it was great but it was way over-complicated and difficult to maintain. So instead, I’ll drool over my today’s favorite blog .


This post served as the inspiration for today’s blog entry. I had the crazy idea to keep a gratitude journal this November. #fail. My life seems too busy to do even that. I guess I will have to schedule time for myself. Which reminds me…I bought a new book at the recommendation of the trainer who presented on Change Management. I have at least scheduled 15 minutes (with the use of my phone’s timer) to read daily. This is done in my office with plenty of disruptions that I try to ignore through my lack of focus.


It’s a pretty good read. 

One last thing before I go…Christmas movies on Hallmark have taken over my life but as we sit and complete homework assignments, the Christmas music is on!!! Baby, it’s cold outside.