The Ugly Truth

Beyonce’s CD has really grown on me. I actually sat and listened to the lyrics and thought “wow”!!! It’s the soul that needs the surgery. Are you happy with yourself?

Kudos to these girls!


Music Monday…a day late. 😔

Anyway, with so much hoopla going on about Beyonce’s secret release, there have been numerous postings and viewpoints…some yay, many nays. Either way, I’m still a fan of her artistry. I can say that I have been consumed with life and haven’t been able to really listen but I plan to. After all, I’ve never been one to adopt the thoughts of another.
Speaking of artistry and naysayers, Justin Bieber masters a relatable emotion in a song that I am absolutely obsessed with. Take a listen.

Bow Down???

I caught wind of the new release at the breakfast table this morning. Thank God for teenagers–or not!!! While I applaud Beyonce’s talent & business sense, I am not impressed–completely.

Beyonce has “graced” us with her presence–yet again. While this video boasts her talent as an amazing visual artist, there is LOTS of controversial footage pertaining to her latest release.
Join the weigh-in.  I will be admiring on MUTE!