Morning Randomness aka Braindumping??


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I’m up early today. I’ve watched tv, made coffee and tidied up a bit and it’s just 5:35am. Why? I lost my phone in the sofa (don’t judge) and to add insult to injury, my alarm rings from 5:00 to 5:15am ( discovery of the day. smh). At any rate, I saw this picture as I was reading blogs that I haven’t read in awhile and thought “how cute” and so easy to do. I even thought that I could write monthly goals, using the same format, on my daughter’s old easel that is no longer in use.  Repurpose. I guess I can add some paint and a few designs and revive the board. Wait! I work in an old school so my office has a chalkboard. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Traditionally, I’ve used a muted color palette for my Christmas decorations; however, this year, I’ve added a bit of color. Image


I absolutely love the colors!!! Although I have a colorful personality, I tend to love the “classicness” of neutrals. It even spills over into my makeup and nails. I usually stick to earth tones. Speaking of earth tones…OMG!!!!!

Image  Image

There’s no secret where I will be today. That is after I finish payroll at work. I’m so excited about this collection and usually they are hits or misses. I predict that this is the beginning of a serious love affair.

I’m also in love with fabric and have an extensive collection. Santa brought me a serger for Christmas and I will be taking sewing courses beginning…next week??? Oh wow!!! I’m super hype. I sew. I’ve sewn in the past and attended apparel design courses in Maryland. I’ve since turned away from my passion, only to engage minimally in order to get a skirt or two out of the deal. Skirts?? Yes, I love them. Hmmmmm…stay tuned is all I can say.

There are so many other things in the works. Oh! before I forget…Image

I am making a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Care to join me? Sign up!!!



Another Attempt at Journaling

I need to find a way to chronicle my life in a way that makes sense to me and that can be done relatively easily. Lately, I’ve explored many options but settling on none. The story of my life! Anyway, I stumbled on a blog that I had seen before that gave me a bit of inspiration. Here’s an example of her work. I figured this is something that I could totally do even on the go and giving me time to explore my artistic side at the same time. Now I’m thinking to add some other items as well…kinda like mixed media. Who knows???!!!! No rules, right? After all it’s mine to do what I chose and it could all be so liberating.


Now I am looking for a moleskin journal, a watercolor set (housed in a pouch with pencils, pens, scissors, glue, etc.) and will remember to keep scraps as I go along. I could also benefit from a lettering course. I think I can manage that for now.