Documenting Life…One day at a time

Documenting Life…One day at a time

I decided to participate in Capture Your 365 this year and talked this goal in a previous post. In an effort to share this goodness with you, I decided to link the page that was created by Katrina Kennedy for January’s Challenge. Enjoy!

Oh!! As I was listening to Katrina’s webinar, she mentioned that she uses the Collect app (iPhone only) and the prints the “cards” out at the end of the year. Great idea!

20140104-153734.jpgHere’s an example of my pic in the app. (As soon as I get to my phone I will post the flipside of this “card”. ) I think it’s pretty cool. Oh! This app is free but ┬áthis font only comes with a $1.99 purchase. I think it’s worth it for something that I’ll be using daily. Afterall, I found much more than that while doing my laundry this morning.