The Ugly Truth

Beyonce’s CD has really grown on me. I actually sat and listened to the lyrics and thought “wow”!!! It’s the soul that needs the surgery. Are you happy with yourself?

Kudos to these girls!


Back to School

I dream of being the mother who makes cute items for her kids and sends them off to school with heartfelt, handwritten expressions of love in their lunches. I’m entitled to dream. I am, however, planning to make them some pretty¬†girly¬†absolutely-so cute-that-their-friends-will-be-envious things before sending them off. So here are some of my rough ideas to go along with custom uniform bottoms. How boring is it to wear the same khaki bottoms as everyone else?¬†I am on a mission!

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BACK to school

back to school


Zip Pencil Case