Morning Randomness aka Braindumping??


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I’m up early today. I’ve watched tv, made coffee and tidied up a bit and it’s just 5:35am. Why? I lost my phone in the sofa (don’t judge) and to add insult to injury, my alarm rings from 5:00 to 5:15am ( discovery of the day. smh). At any rate, I saw this picture as I was reading blogs that I haven’t read in awhile and thought “how cute” and so easy to do. I even thought that I could write monthly goals, using the same format, on my daughter’s old easel that is no longer in use.  Repurpose. I guess I can add some paint and a few designs and revive the board. Wait! I work in an old school so my office has a chalkboard. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Traditionally, I’ve used a muted color palette for my Christmas decorations; however, this year, I’ve added a bit of color. Image


I absolutely love the colors!!! Although I have a colorful personality, I tend to love the “classicness” of neutrals. It even spills over into my makeup and nails. I usually stick to earth tones. Speaking of earth tones…OMG!!!!!

Image  Image

There’s no secret where I will be today. That is after I finish payroll at work. I’m so excited about this collection and usually they are hits or misses. I predict that this is the beginning of a serious love affair.

I’m also in love with fabric and have an extensive collection. Santa brought me a serger for Christmas and I will be taking sewing courses beginning…next week??? Oh wow!!! I’m super hype. I sew. I’ve sewn in the past and attended apparel design courses in Maryland. I’ve since turned away from my passion, only to engage minimally in order to get a skirt or two out of the deal. Skirts?? Yes, I love them. Hmmmmm…stay tuned is all I can say.

There are so many other things in the works. Oh! before I forget…Image

I am making a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Care to join me? Sign up!!!



Hello There

It’s been awhile…I know. I have been getting my oldest daughter ready for dance performances as well as getting them all ready for SCHOOL. Yes, school is in session for my children. My oldest starts tomorrow and we have decided to send the youngest one to school this year…no more homeschooling…bittersweet.

Well, anyway, lots has gone on that I will be back to share with you later (like our trip to Boston). But for now, I just wanted to share this pic:

Lately I have been pinning and researching all things concerning sewing. This dress is my newest inspiration. I am so ready to construct this with my new machine. I can’t tell you how many maxi skirts/dresses I’ve made and even working on garments for the children. Now if only I can remember to take pics (and make a dressform) I may be onto something.

Until next time…



I am loving this (as a uniform skirt for my daughter)!!! I guess I will be sewing today.

Lakeisha and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

You’ve read that correctly. Yesterday was the worst!!! I was grumpy and ill and nothing was falling into place. After playing Mommy the Taxi Driver, I came home, showered and headed to bed. Yes, I took the night off…for the good of us all. (Note: My five year old doesn’t believe in mommy having days/nights off. She shared a few graceful kisses with me and climbed into my bed with a smile and a clipboard with a colorful sheet of pre-prepared addition problems.) I enjoyed my time with her as much as I wanted time to myself. I’m such a sucker for her.

This morning I felt better mentally (I was trying to convince myself) but physically I was spent. I decided that this would be a day off as well in the bed. As I was catching up on DVR’d shows and sleep, I stumbled upon a Singer presentation on HSN. For weeks, I have been searching for a new sewing machine and serger–to no avail. Having accepted this as my reality I just decided to work with what I have–hence, yesterday’s post. I decided to record it so that hubby could see it when he would return home this evening. THIS NEXT PART IS COMPLETELY TRUE…REALLY!!! Maybe five minutes later, hubby walked into the bedroom and invited me downstairs for lunch:  chicken and shrimp caesar salad and watermelon lemonade with watermelon chunks.

No pic. I was starving and forgot. It was delicious and pretty. (insert sadface). 

Wait!!! I had to make him watch the HSN presentation first. After about 30 seconds he suggested that I buy it and I also sent a message to one of the most fabulous sewing gurus and she approved!!!*Gridpage*ct&

I was so excited!!! It was at that moment that I realized that yesterday’s events were designed to push me toward overcoming excuses and preparing me for the blessings of today. It was my attitude that made yesterday horrible. I am grateful to be on the road to wellness. Although, I do believe that rest (for once) was needed. So, that being said, off to take a nap I go.

Inspiration: Friday Edition

I am trying to get back into sewing. I’m no professional but seem to navigate my way through pretty successfully. I have the belief that an artist in one area could be successful in another. Creativity has the tendency to spill into many areas–for me anyway. sewing room

I saw this and thought it would be nice to make for my sewing room but on a super large canvas. How big of a canvas can I get? **pause for an internet search** I just may have to take a trip to the craft (with coupon) and/or art store in search. Wow!! The thought of this in a larger size with a different twist makes me smile. {insert extra big smiley face}

Craft room/Sewing room

Gasp! I need a sewing room and this one would be a bonus. Like seriously. However, my style would not even mesh with anything that looked remotely close to this–at least not while I’m in the lab. What? I’m being honest! 

craft room craft-ideas

The zebra rug is much more my style.

craft room, sewing room

This is more like a space that would cause my wheels to turn but that would spiral to one junkie mess.

sewing room

I have markers & pencils in paper mache oversized planters. I need to decorate them but haven’t been able to commit to any one style.

amazing sewing room

One day I will be blessed with a space for others to come and join in the magic.

organized sewing room

The heavens have opened up!! This…I…LOVE!!

Inspiration. This really is a happy Friday.

Woke Up With the Urge

(sorry for the not so appealing pic)

So yesterday I woke up at 6:30 am to workout and decided to sew afterward. I had a dress cut but decided to change it to a skirt. (Who does that???) So here I am, a novice, with my bright ideas. It was frustrating at times (popping thread, broken serger needles, the usual) but I enjoyed the experience overall. I even wore my skirt to class yesterday and forgot to take pics. 😦

(the original dress)

By the way, I wanted to test blogging from my phone. Not sure how it will turn out but trying new things these days…fearlessly…ok maybe a lil apprehension. Lol. I am making progress nevertheless.

Make today a day worth remembering.

Moving Beyond Denial to Motivation

I have been praying for some serious motivation. The kind that would FORCE me to go hard because I have no other choice. I FOUND IT HERE!!!

Life has been challenging since I made a crucial decision in the last few months of 2008. I have been paying for it dearly and it has taken a toll on who I have grown to be and/or who I was destined to be. Thank God for second -or in my case…what number am I on???- chances. Well anyway, in so many ways my life had morphed into a disaster that I thought couldn’t be salvaged. I guess I was wrong??? Lucky me!!!

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” ~ Langston Hughes

So here I am…

I love to sew but have not even touched my machine in months. Why would I make anything to put on this body???? TRUTH: I have always been “thick” but fit. I have never really had any issues with my weight as I do now. I weigh more now than I have in any of my four pregnancies.) So in order to fulfill my desire I must lose weight. I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!!! So what is the problem?? I am a firm believer that in order to make progress you have to make peace. From this day forward, I will say affirmations and pray about THIS journey. I will love my body in its current state until THAT time comes….until that time comes.